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Questions tagged with 'award' at Ask MetaFilter.

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    Website awards - which are relevant? I received an email from WebAwards this morning "to Honor Best Websites in 90 Industries. It's time to be recognized for your outstanding Web development work by winning a 2005 WebAward. ...". I'm familiar with the Cyber Lion awards in Cannes, and with one or two blog awards - the landscape has certainly changed since the heady days of the late 90s.

    What credible website awards remain in this latter half of the decade?

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  • 01/19/06--09:56: Korean War Purple Heart
  • How can I find out if someone (living) received a Purple Heart award during the Korean War? (aside from asking, of course).

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    I just got a shady piece of 'scam' mail in my (snail) mailbox today. It came on an index card-sized piece of blue paper, and promised luxury vehicles, a cruise, and/or outrageous gobs of cash, among other things. I could simply throw the damn thing away, but I'd rather pull a P-p-powerbook, or find some other way to inconvenience the idiots behind this. Any ideas? Of course, there's much [BEGIN Contents of Card]

    Return Address:

    2400 W. PIONEER PKWY, SUITE 210
    ARLINGTON, TX 76013

    Stamp Area:

    PERMIT NO. 1520

    My Address Area:

    ARL-TP3 137970979 - 0052
    ************AUTO** 3 - DIGIT 018

    Nathiel Arnold [My name, misspelled]
    [My actual address, redacted to protect my privacy]
    [Bar Code]

    The Other Side:

    Dear Nathiel,

    You are an official prizewinner in our NEW MERCEDES, BMW, PORSCHE, or $40,000 CASH promotion. We have been unable to contact you, therefore, in compliance with the program regulations, this notice is being forwarded to your attention.

    We are holding your choice of a luxury 4-day Royal Caribbean Cruise for two with meals and entertainment included, value $1,398 or pre-paid round trip airfare and two nights accommodations for two to your choice of Las Vegas/Orlando, value $1,250, plus one of the four guaranteed prizes: a new MERCEDES BENZ M-Class, BMW X5, PORSCHE Cayenne or $40,000 CASH, a $1,500 Shopping Spree, Exotic Island Adventure, $806 value or $500 Cash. To avoid forfeiting your status as a recipient, please call toll free at 1-888-XXX-XXXX WITHIN 72 HOURS and arrange for a time for you and your spouse to visit and claim your prizes. There is no obligation to purchase anything. You are guaranteed to receive your prize and gift immediate, in accordance with the requirements of your claim confirmation letter.

    [Signed Name]
    [Printed Name]
    Awards Director

    P.S. Please ask to speak to one of my assistants, Sandra or Kim. They are available M-F, 9:00am until 8:00pm and Sat. 9:00am until 6:00pm Central Time

    [END Contents of Card]

    My primary goal is to make the people behind this scam wish they had chosen a different line of work without resorting to harrassment or other illegal means.

    I have an inordinate amount of spare time, strong writing skills, and a well-developed sense of vengeance to devote to this task... but very little accessible money, so siccing lawyers at 'em isn't a viable option.

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    My grandfather won an Oscar in 1976 and I want to find some video of his accpetance speech. He won it in the category "Best Feature Length Documetary" for the film The Man Who Skied Down Everest and his speech was quite short and a bit of a poke at the whole industry in Hollywood:

    "This is an American award for a Canadian film about a Japanese skier skiing down a Nepalese mountain" and then he said some other stuff, I guess. But I don't know because I have never seen it. I'd dearly love to see it and so would his kids (my uncles and aunt).

    I have contacted the folks who run the Oscars but they are ignoring me (I am in their email cue, I guess). Can anybody help me here? Do you just happen to have the 1976 Oscars on VHS and can you upload Budge's speech to YouTube?

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    How can I win this writing bursary? A new writing bursary has come to my attention, the award is DOUBLE my current salary [go read that again - DOUBLE] and is essentially for a prospective author to take a year off and concentrate on finishing a novel. Needless to say, the prospect of anything that's double my salary hurls me into throes of ecstasy, but this is "getting paid to write, no really, it is," so my hunger to win this is... huge.

    It's a simple enough procedure to apply: just outline ideas for the novel, how I intend to spend the 12 months off [uh, writing?], and a 2k-word-long writing sample. I feel that what they want in the application is so fiendishly simple, it'll be hard going against and standing out with every MaryJane and their Chick Lit shenanigans wanting to win it too. [I write fantasy, btw]

    This is the sort of award that would literally - literally now - change my life. I really can't stress that enough. I'd be writing this novel anyway, even if there wasn't a chance of winning this bursary, but come on, double my salary and a whole year off!

    Ahem. I need advice on sounding confident and capable on the application form. Any tips on what the writing sample should be like would help too. Has anyone ever won a big bursary like this?

    [And no, I don't kid myself in thinking all I have to do is enter to win, I'm sure there'll be hundreds of others applying. I just want to put my very best foot forward and be content within myself that I did the very best application I could]

    Thank you, thank you very much!

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    Placement of spark plug wires.. I just changed my plugs and wires and in the midst of pure automotive geniusdom, didn't mark which wires connected to which coil pack.

    Does it matter?

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  • 04/24/07--07:38: Help us deliver our love
  • Parents will be in San Diego for an awards ceremony, and we can't make it. So, what can we deliver that's SD-related to their hotel? So my parents will be in San Diego in May for my dad to receive a professional award and fellowship. Sadly, it looks like neither my family or my sister's will be able to make it. I'm asking any San Diego residents for ideas on what to send them, or get delivered to their hotel room, as a way to say "congratulations" and hope you have a good time this week. And I'm trying to steer away from a bland flower arrangement with card for something more local and unique.

    Some parent details: they aren't stick in the muds, as they enjoy a night on the town. They love to try new and upscale restaurants and food, and are OK with a sophisticated bar scene. Dad likes the occasional cigar (do they still have a maker in Gas Lamp?). Mom loves to shop and be on her own during the day, if dad will be in meetings.

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    A grey egg, covered with rows of bling and a teeny tiny cross on top -- encased in a block of Lucite. Holy hand grenade? Miniature pope hat? Yes, I have pictures. What is it? A friend gave it to me. All we know is that it was one of five frillion random objects in her recently-deceased grandfather's house. It looks like an award, but for what, I can't begin to guess. I don't even know what to tell Google to look for.

    I have for you three photos no more no less because my camera's macro pitched a hissy trying to focus on the scratches in the plastic instead of the egg itself.

    Front view, or, I think it's the front, because this side has the bling on the center of the cross on top.

    Blur-tastic view of same, with a AAA battery for scale.

    Sticker on the bottom of the thing, which I think reads thus: V. H. Blackton & Co * Attleboro Falls [and I can't read the rest of it because it's torn away]. Googling that takes me here, which leads me to believe this is some kind of award... but, for what?

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    How collect damages award after winning court case? Friend of mine recently (oh, how I wish it were me!) won a surprisingly large damages award in Supreme Court here in BC. We don't think the defendant has much money, but even if he has anything stashed away, how do we get it? And I'm going to file a dispute against my ex-landlord shortly at the Residential Tenancy Branch (quasi court) and if I win he's not going to want to pay either, but the bugger owns a couple million dollar building, so that is a good thing. I believe I can get the Provincial Court to enforce the order (my, I'm jumping ahead) but what else? How would we proceed? Any ideas? What works to put pressure on these people? Can they just evade and ignore easily or not?

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    I am trying to duplicate a unique trophy any way possible. I recently won this trophy.

    I'd like to share it with some other people involved in my success by making as close a copy as possible -- multiple copies, in fact.

    I'm asking Mefites for any method they can think of, from creating it myself to hiring a trophy manufacturer. Cheap, reasonable, or expensive; it doesn't matter. I'd like to hear all options.


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  • 01/11/09--20:20: Where is Woody Allen?
  • I just watched the Golden Globe Awards show and Woody Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona won the Golden Globe for best movie (musical or comedy). Except only a bunch of producers and Penelope Cruz went on the stage, tens of people were thanked and nobody, nobody ever mentioned Woody Allen's name. WTF?

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    What is the Oscar equivalent for horror films? Or rather, what is the most recognized venue for celebrating the horror films of the past year? Are there classy or raunchy ones even? Which is the most popular.

    If you know of one, is it easy to attend them?

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    I'm looking for a cool trophy to recognize someone's contributions to a techy volunteer organization. I need to recognize a volunteer's substantial contributions to the organization and execution of a large local event that's part of a nationwide nonprofit. It's engineering and science-oriented; this particular individual's background is biomedicine, though the event is focused on robotics. (It's FIRST, for anyone who knows)

    There exists a trophy for a separate recognition that is a Mobius strip ball bearing sculpture. It is seriously awesome. I'm looking for something on par with this awesomeness. Anyone know of something? I've poked around Etsy but haven't really been able to find something; maybe I'm using the wrong search terms. I'm open to any and all suggestions.

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    How do I order some fancy certificates / diplomas? I have a group of young people completing a week long intensive leadership program. The idiots organizing this program are not issuing certificates. I managed to get nine kids through this program and I want to award them with certificates when I get home, but the only "diploma" / "award" / "certificates" google comes up with are these completely worthless print-at-home jobs. OR it's an ad for a diploma-mill.

    I want to order something serious on thick paper that's made from seriously fancy trees. I need some SERIOUS diplomas, here. I'm willing to pay up to $15 per certificate of achievement.

    I mean, how the hell did my graduate school get the fancy papers they handed us when we walked?

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    Professional photographer types: which photography awards are the most prestigious? I'm looking not necessarily for the ones with the biggest prizes, but the ones where a win would seriously impress other professional photographers or potential employers familiar with the field. I did some Googling, but every award out there wants me to think it is a big deal, so any insider feelings would be awesome. :)

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    Since I went to worldcon in Montreal last year, I'm eligible to nominate SF works for the Hugo awards this year. I'd like to try to stretch out from the more mainstream authors, can you help me diversify the 2010 Hugo award nominations? Charlie Stross has a really good point here:

    What would really help me, is if people could recommend short stories, Novelettes and such (so I could try to read more of them in the time I have left) by more non-mainstream authors that could be nominated for the Hugo awards (which means that they were published for the first time in 2009.)

    Please tell me a little bit about the recommendations too if you can, especially why *you* liked it, or thought it worth recommending.


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    Ideas for joke award/certificate to present to co-worker on his 60th birthday? Please suggest what to put on a gag award or certificate to be presented by our Team Manager to a developer colleague who turns 60 tomorrow. He’s been with the company about 5 years, is extremely hard working (comes in at the crack of dawn, leaves in the early afternoon to collect his granddaughter from school but then continues working from home for hours, even on weekends). Fun fact: he and his wife have a skinny dipping ritual once a year at a lake in Maine.

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    GagPrizeFilter: If I wanted to either a) have a shiny gold (spraypainted?) rubber chicken mounted to a plaque or b) have a gold rubber chicken converted into something that could be worn like a medal, how would I go about doing this / obtaining one? This needs to be done in 1 week (for next Friday.) Suggestions requested for suppliers, supplies, approaches, things not to do, etc.

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  • 05/13/11--19:20: What is this thing?
  • What can you tell me about this award? (Pic 1, Pic 2) My great-grandfather gave this to me when I was a child, no one knows where he got it, or what for. It's a 1923 silver dollar mounted on a keychain, so that the coin can rotate freely. The box it came in is black cardboard lined with silver. I imagine it was given in the year that's on the dollar? Could be wrong about that. I assume it's an award, because my mom says so -- but maybe it was just a fancy gift? My great-grandfather was an engineer. He and my great-grandmother did a lot of work with foster children. I also know he was a mason.

    I'm interested in finding out whatever I can about the medal. I figure it's not worth very much money, but I've had it forever and it's always been a mystery.

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    What is it called when you're disqualified from an award for winning it too often? I'm fairly sure there's a specific term for this.

    The same person wins it year after year and so they basically say "we're giving you one last super-duper prize and assuming that you will win forever from now on. The award is now people fighting over second place".

    I keep thinking "lifetime achievement award" but goggling doesn't back that up. I'm having trouble coming up with examples of it to point at too I'm afraid

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